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30th April 2011


Guitar I’m going to get, So pumped. It’s so beautiful. I got to play a lesser version of this earlier this week and I loved everything about it. So pumped.

Guitar I’m going to get, So pumped. It’s so beautiful. I got to play a lesser version of this earlier this week and I loved everything about it. So pumped.

30th April 2011


My band is coming along pretty well, happy to see what we’ve accomplished thus far. Finally got a full lineup, now all that’s left is just cranking out tunes and defining our sound. Definitely going for something new, We want to combine classic rock and hardcore, I call it classicore. As far as I know it’s never been done. So I can’t wait to see what we can do with it.

Here’s my latest song I’ve completed entitled “Grains of Sand”:

How can I show you who I am
How can I show you were I’ve been
A day in the life of love and strife
where do I begin?
Gotta let it out sometime
I can’t keep it in

Don’t let me go
You’re all I want to know
Don’t let me go
Bury me alone

Hey girl I’m standing here
And hey girl you’ve got nothing left to fear
Because what’s done is done
Let’s leave the past where it stands
Cause in the end, we’re all just grains of sand


You took my love and replaced it with hate
Now I’m disgusted to look at your face
It’s okay we all know that you walked away
Let’s pretend and play your pathetic game.


We’ve got the the basic rhythm down, just trying to polish it up and include our new members. Looking to record it soon.

30th April 2011



Anywhere but here

14th March 2011


New song

Latest project I’m working on:


And you swore my intentions were poor

But how could you be so sure

When you are never there to stand and fight

What’s going on inside your mind

What’s going on inside

What’s going on inside your mind

Knives can wound

But words can kill

It only takes a moment

To make it all too real

Now you lay in bed, alone as you want to be

Picking up the first person you see

I’m not that easy to forget

I’m not that easy to forget

Chorus x2

Misery loves company

This choice was only yours

I will

Move on

28th February 2011


Something I am working on

How far can you run

From the life and the love

How far will you drive

just to give it all up and hide

You’re dead on the inside

I think it’s time for you to stop

The gig is up and so is the sun

26th February 2011


Lion I see you from afar.

19th February 2011


Song explains itself. I just love this band. Jonny is probably my biggest influence.

18th February 2011


In This Life

Coming soon.

12th February 2011


Work is continuing to be great and things are getting better. A lot better actually. Starting to warm up a little, which is always nice. Looking forward to continuing this awesome weekend.

Something I wrote a while back:

If the stars could talk they would tell a story
The story of us
Just two kids in love

Our ups and down
Our triumphs and defeats
And how our love was growing
Week by week by week

Or how this fell apart at the seams
Ripped to shreds by our own pride
Choking on words that were never said
If this is how we end id better grab some thread

Cross stitching to save the night
I don’t know wrong from right
Fuck im no good at this.
Im a sinking ship

Tell me the truth, tell me how you feel
I just want this all to be real
Once again. Please
Take the good with the bad for what its worth
And this second chance won’t need a second glance

And once again, no name.

8th February 2011


Another cold day up here in the North. At least the sun was out today, that was some good news. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow, but I love summer more.

So pumped for March 8th! The new Dance Gavin Dance and The Color Morale CD’s!

Here’s a small bit I wrote(no name for it yet):

One long drag after the next
I told myself this wasn’t going to get the best
of me. But I was wrong again.
Optimism can’t save see me through

Drama free is what we all want to be
Something I can’t escape when you keep pulling me back in

You keep lining up your dominoes, one by one
taking so much time and effort
for the single moment of grace when it all falls down.

Who can save this now?
My hearts not in it anymore.

So tired, frustrated, upset, and
I just can’t keep this up anymore
This whole time I thought I was blind
I just had to remove the wool from my eyes and realize
That you are the one that can’t see

Save your breath girl
You’re going to need it when you are always running from your problems